Solar Energy System

Solar Panel Inspections

DroneCare conducts photovoltaic panel controls, electroluminescence tests, photogrammetry applications with thermal cameras during solar panel inspections.

Solar panels generate electricity during the day, but if connected to a power source in the dark, they emit radiation in the near infrared spectrum invisible to the naked eye.

High resolution electroluminescence (EL) images are similar to x-ray images. While active cells appear bright gray, inactive or damaged cells appear dark black. The gray scale in the images obtained allows you to detect the size and cause of the damage in your SPP site. With this method, problematic solar panels can be detected for further laboratory testing.

With this effective imaging method, damages caused by mechanical pressure such as transportation, installation, hail, snow and etc. and faulty by-pass diodes are quickly detected. Moreover, deterioration in cells, broken cells, short circuits, and malfunctioning panels are easily detected.

Electroluminescence tests conducted in the field are currently the most cost-effective method on the market for early and absolute detection of possible or existing problems of PV panels.
DroneCare is an IKARUS Aviation brand.


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