Thanks to the service network we offer, we are on top of the toughest jobs with our strong team.

Data Collection

Our team consists of highly skilled drone pilots with considerable experience in their fields. They safely carry out flights in difficult locations, remote areas, dangerous places, risky buildings, and interiors. During these flights, they safely collect visual, rfid, thermal-electroluminescence data.

If needed, depending on the ROI to be calculated, all data collection management is designed autonomously as required by the field-specific projects.

If desired, the software developers in our team integrate the system with the ERP infrastructure at your company so that the data is instantly shared with our customers.


I-Care Console:

The data collected with i-care, the data management software created by the DroneCare software team, is turned into a report. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, I-Care offers its customers the opportunity to access the original data and create their own reports with the login rights created on the consol.

Industrial IOT Solutions

In line with the needs of the field, we can track target products following an IOT logic, make an inventory, and collect data using various manned or unmanned equipment. With the software prepared specifically for the field, the data is processed, and related parameters are found thanks to machine learning algorithms. Then they are uploaded into the system so that the company can make use of artificial intelligence tailored to their needs.

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